What color is your tumbler?

Bring on the six amazing color options along with the popular matte black and stainless steel Polar Camels from Encore Awards. These high-endurance tumblers keep your colds cold and your hots hot. The Polar Camel is a stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-insulated tumbler. Each colorful tumbler is powder coated for a beautiful silver finish after laser engraving.

Need holiday gift?

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Crystal bookend

This set of crystal bookends will make a striking addition to any bookshelf! Each personalized bookend has a smooth-finish, and linear accents, that can be customized.

What a nice holiday gift idea.

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Salute America’s heroes

To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

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Another great gift idea for holidays

Faux Leather Wine Tool Set with engraving to make a distinguished look. Lasers to black with great contrast. The beautiful box includes decanting pourer, stopper, corkscrew and plastic foil cutter. The corkscrew has a fold out knife, bottle opener and boot lever. The tools fit snuggly in foam in the lid of the box. The box has a magnetic closure and can be personalized.

How can beat this one!

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A new spin on holiday gift-giving

These globes are high-end, handmade spheres that rotate continuously on their own, with a patented mechanism made of solar cells and magnets. The technology allows each design—from globes and celestial bodies to ancient texts and classic works of art—to turn independently on any base or surface without batteries. The creations are powered by ambient light from lighting fixtures or windows. These great pieces display the recipients’ interest, can be personalized with a meaningful message from the giver, and stand as eye-catching conversation starters in any room.

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Sign material – dimensional/channel letters

Three dimensional signage substrates can be purchased preformed from many suppliers. With a free-floating appearance, dimensional/channel letters can be displayed on their own or with backlighting, depending on the aesthetic desired.

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Sign material – magnetic sheet

Magnetic sheeting is a good choice for small reusable and reaffixable signs, and is a particularly popular material for car decals. Sheets typically have a blank side onto which you can affix vinyl decals or letters or print using inks. Although the magnetic side often is strong enough to withstand even high wind speeds once affixed, the sign’s ability to withstand other elements such as UV light and precipitation often is dependent on the ink used to personalize it.

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Sign material – metal

Nonporous and durable, metals are an ideal choice for outdoor signage because they tend to withstand the elements well over the long term, although some varieties may rust after prolonged exposure to precipitation or humidity. Bronze is a particularly popular choice for outdoor signage because it does not rust—although it does tend to be flexible and will need to be attached in several areas to prevent it from catching the wind. Metal can be heavy, so many organizations choose to use lighter, metallic-finish substrates, such as treated Styrofoam, to achieve the same look with less weight. Most metals and metallics can be laser- or rotary-engraved to achieve at least a surface etch; with a pretreatment, some metal and metallic substrates also will accept direct printing.

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Sign material – acrylic

Acrylic comes in a wide variety of colors, translucencies, and sheens, making it appropriate for a wide variety of signage applications—and giving it a reputation for a high-end look. This versatile substrate also can be edge-lit, giving acrylic signs a glow reminiscent of neon. But acrylic can melt or warp when exposed to very hot conditions or direct sunlight over the long term, making it a common choice for indoor uses. Acrylic can be rotary- and laser-engraved and cut, sandcarved to a surface etch, and thermobent into specific shapes.

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Sign material – plastic

From the engraver’s variety of corrugated sheets, plastic comes in a wide variety of looks and types; from opaque to translucent; in any color; and in finishes ranging from wood-grain and chalkboard to glow in the dark—making it a highly versatile substrate for signage. Used for both indoor and outdoor, plastic typically withstands the elements well, although may be sensitive to high-heat, focused light. Corrugated plastics are a popular choice for time-limited indoor and outdoor uses, such as for election or real-estate signs, although it is relatively thin and therefore more sensitive UV light, wind, and precipitation.

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