Enjoy a stress free staycation

Unplug from email. The temptation to check your work email is real, so do everything you can to fight it. Set your away message, update your voicemail and put your laptop in the desk drawer.

Now’s your opportunity to take that pottery class, go the the driving range, tasting wine, visit a new store or stroll in the park.

Make sure you stay hydrated with this 30 oz. Stainless Steel Tumblers featuring double-wall vacuum insulation. It is 2X heat & cold resistant compared to a normal tumblers and is BPA and lead free. Engrave to silver,

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Promotional product analysis IV, lip balm

Community event sponsors can connect with community with promo products. Local business benefit from establishing their presence with people in their neighborhood, so community events are key places to hand out promos. Lip balm is perfect for this because it’s an “on-your-person” item- recipients will take tubes home with them, and they’ll be on hand when they have a need.

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Promotional product analysis III, lip balm

Make more green by hitting the green. Lip balm is a super-popular promo with golfers, thanks to how long and hot golf matches can be. It takes a while to finish all 18 holes – and lips get chapped and burnt sooner than you think. Recipients will appreciate being given promos that keep their lips protected, creating positive brand association and making them feel valued.

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Promotional product analysis II, lip balm

Capitalize on hotels and resorts with promos that offer sun protection, such as lip balm. While sunscreen is important, travelers often forget their lips can burn too. Lip balm is also a common item vacationers leave at home, throwing a wrench in their plans if they get burnt on the beach. Hotels can come to the rescue by giving away lip balm with a high SPF, ensuring soft lips and smooth sailing on clients’ vacay.

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Promotional product analysis I, lip balm

Festival season is upon us and the sun is out in full force. Concert promos can be tricky, with all the limitations of what’s allowed inside venues. Here’s where lip balm boasts double the benefits. Not only are tubes of lip balm allowed inside, recipients will also gain exposure to your business logo with every application. Forget bulky promos like T-shirts or tote bags. Instead, pitch concert concert-ready promos music lovers can slip into their pockets and use all day.

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Wine tumbler

This 12-oz. stainless-steel wine tumbler has a powder coating and offers a sizeable engraving area for impactful branding. The tumbler is perfect for wine fests, and home parties.

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Time after time

Clocks make great awards, and this clock certainly fits that purpose. Class and elegance are two words to describe this executive crystal clock.

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Crystal & Glass Awards – The Difference

Although ‘glass” and “crystal” are often used synonymously, there are differences between the materials. Broadly speaking, there are three types of “glass” used in the manufacturer of awards and gifts: glass, crystal and optic crystal. The major difference between the three is clarity. If you place three identical pieces next to each other, one made of glass, one made of crystal and one made of optic crystal, you can readily see the difference in clarity. Glass is the least clear while optic crystal has the best clarity.

Glass is the least expensive of the materials, primarily because it’s made from silica sand, an abundant resource. Lead crystal is just that – it has the added element of lead oxide that softens the glass ad gives it sparkle. Optic crystal is the highest quality crystal used to make gifts and awards. Three are no impcrfections, like bubbles, in optic crystal, and it is much clearer than glass or leaded crystal. Of course, it’s also a much more expensive material.

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Luggage tags

The faux leather tags have the look and feel of real leather at a fraction of the cost. Available in 12 colors, they can be lasered with a logo, monogram or other graphics to a stunning contrast, and top-stitching around the edges provides a high-end look. The luggage tags include a leatherette strap, white paper insert for indentifying information and a black gift box.

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Promote your company with Eco-friendly products

Environmental issues such a climate change are concerns for many, especially Millennials – a demographic of over 75 million who will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce by 2020.And 50% of Millennials will buy from brands that are Eco-friendly according to a 2018 Shelton Group “Eco Pulse” study.

Encore Awards, for example, introduces a diverse collection of products with wood, bamboo, cork. The items range from notebook, bottle opener, coaster, wine bag, photo frame and wine box. Every product can be laser engraved with logo and personal information. We feel everyone has to do their part to preserve environment.

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