Light up rally towels

Rally towels, with any team colors, have always had a way of catching the eye. When fans wave rally towels in support of their team, it can transform a whole stadium and electrify the atmosphere. There is a new product that takes the awesome potential of rally towels to draw the eye and unify crowds.

The Lightning Rally Towel is an amazing new promotional towel that fans will really take a shine to. LED lights in the hem of the towel, available in a variety of colors, make the Lightning Rally Towel perfect for any nighttime or indoor event. Turn any lower-lighting situation to your advantage by giving the crowd to show their enthusiasm with a rally towel that will outshine. Powered by a long-lasting battery.

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Game day neck pillow

Image travelling to an away game with your favorite pillow caressing your neck and head. Now image when you get to the big game, the same pillow coverts to your team’s mascot or logo. Pretty cool, right?

Craft the perfect promotional message with our innovative 2-in-1 plush! Dream up any two shapes or designs and we’ll create a fully customizable 2 in 1 convertible plush pillows! 

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Badges for hospitality industry

When travelers are staying at a hotel or resort, they depend on staff to make their stay at enjoyable as possible. Not only do name badges make it easy to identify who can assist them, they’ll also add to the upscale appearance these destinations which to maintain, which means better reviews and repeat customers.

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Badges for retail stores

Personalized name badges add to the sense of prestige shoppers feel while being assisted in stores Many retail stores offer commission to employees who helped facilitate a sale, too, so make sure guests can easily identify who helped them.

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Badges for restaurants and bars

Name badges in the food and beverage industry are a must – how else will dinners flag down their waiter to order another round? Showcase styles that are easy to clean and won’t stain to endure your clients get the most use out of every badge, even after the occasional spill.

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New 6 oz powder-coated flasks

This spring, we are introducing a new series of powder-coated 6-oz. stainless steel flasks in 13 vibrant colors. The powder-coated finish provides lasting beauty and durability that can be personalized for any event or gift-giving occasion.

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Honor educators who make difference

We are excited to show off one of our newest 2019 items, the Crown Plaque. This curved plaque is made from starphire glass on top of a two tier rubberwood base, accented by aluminum columns on the sides. There is plenty of room for congratulations and creative design.

The Crown Plaque is the perfect piece to praise educators, volunteers, or anyone who is making a difference in the lives of those in our community. All crystal and glass pieces come in a deluxe red gift box.

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Promotional Product Ideas for the Real Estate Industry III

Cutting board: ninety-one percent of consumers have at least one promotional product in their kitchen. Claim some prime real estate of your own, your recipients’ kitchens, with this bamboo cutting board.

Smart plug: in our ever-connected world, this smart plug makes remotely controlling a device super easy. The Wi-Fi enabled smart plug can remotely monitor and turn a plugged-in device on or off. Every house needs it.

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Promotional Product Ideas for the Real Estate Industry II

Pizza Cutter: Let’s be real, after a long day of moving, new residents rarely feel like unpacking their kitchen essentials to start cooking. Time to order a pizza! If you are looking for a clever gift to give to your customers, we’d suggest this stainless steel pizza cutter with bottle opener that is sure to get many impressions over the years of entertaining around the kitchen table.

House-Shaped Hot/Cold Pack: Moving can bring on a real headache. This handy promotional product offers an affordable but lasting branding opportunity. Eighty-nine percent of consumers can recall the advertiser of a promotional product they’d received in the last two years. This one is sure to stick around the medicine cabinet long after customers are settled into their homes.

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Promotional Product Ideas for the Real Estate Industry I

One of the most effective ways to market real estate services is with custom promotional products. The real esate industry lands at no. 8 in the list of the top 10 industries purchasing promotional products.

Here are some ideas.

House-Shaped Key Ring: Handing over the keys to a proud new homeowner is an exciting moment. Take advantage of these pivotal branding opportunities with this memorable house-shaped keychain with a prime spot for your logo.

Tape Measure w/Notepad, Pen, Level & Belt Clip: A handy giveaway for new apartment residents, homeowners, or condo owners, this multi-functional promo product includes a tape measure, a notepad and pen, a level and a belt clip to make home repairs and decorating a breeze. With 77% of consumers citing usefulness as the number-one reason to keep a promo product, this product will stick around for years to come. If you are looking for some longevity with your investment!

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