Sobriety Check Party Pass

No more drunk or buzzed driving. When partiers use this test, they’ll know if they should be driving or not. A custom card includes your client’s logo and a positive, socially responsible message about sober driving. Ideal for bars, restaurants, weddings and corporate events.

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Mini construction materials

These items are ideally suited for builders, trade organization and equipment manufacturers. Replicating cinder block and red bricks, these products are made with real cement and come in a variety of sizes and packaging. The palleted options provide a fun stress reliever for any desk.

We can engrave your design or logo on a 24-pack at 1:6 mini red bricks on a pallet! Perfect for marketing materials, white elephant gifts, company gifts, wedding decor, promotional items, or trade shows.

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Toy for adults

Whether for young kids, tweens or ‘kidults’, everyone will love using their imaginations with the Tube mixes. Just one simple shape will give them endless possibilities and hours of fun. They is precision crafted in Denmark and are BPA-free and phthalate-free european plastic. Their vibrant colors will show off their creative flat mosaic or 3D designs, as well as stimulate their innovative talents.

Perfect for STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

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Wooden Stacking Zen Stones

Five wooden stacking zen stones of varying sizes/shapes in gift tube. Stacking stones is known around the world as a creative, focus-building, meditative and stress-relieving activity. Due to the natural properties of wood, stone sizes and shipping weights may vary, which even adds more beauty to the product.

Imprints your logos on both the tube and one stone.

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Modern color/desk set award

Understanding what makes employees tick is a great endeavor, and rewarding them for their diligence is an event better one. Through this combination award clock, workers will fee appreciated every second literally.

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Etched Medallion Plates 12″

A heavy plate is always a good sign of abundance, and these etched medallions will definitely etch their way into someone’s sense of gratitude. They have polished accents, a textured background, a wooden display easel and a satin-lined presentation case. Unusual membership identification plates, donor recognition or corporate gifts. Can be up to 12″ Diameter.

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Faux leather gift boxes

Usually when we give a gift, we take the time to make sure it’s wrapped in pretty paper and decorated with ribbons and bows or placed in an attractive gift bag. Often, the perceived value of a gift is determined by how it’s presented. If you hand someone a gift in a plastic grocery bag, that person is probably already questioning how important that gift is to you, the person giving it, no matter what’s inside. Faux leather gift boxes are classy, stylish, durable, and very attractive and are perfect for presenting gifts or awards. We offers two styles of faux leather gift boxes. The Wrapped Lid Box is a two-piece box consisting of a foil-wrapped cardboard box bottom and a lid wrapped in luxurious Laserable Leatherette. The Premium Full Laserable Leatherette Gift Box is a one-piece box wrapped entirely in Laserable Leatherette and features a cloth “hinge.” Both styles have three layers of foam that can be laser cut to fit the object you are presenting.

These exquisite boxes can be personalized with a name, logo, monogram, or even a message to create a gift box that is as meaningful as the gift inside. Both styles are available in three sizes and in four elegant colors.

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Why cutting boards make great gifts – high received value

Money isn’t everything, but it does leave an impression. If there’s one thing companies want, it’s high-end style at an affordable price point – and that’s just what you’ll be able to offer with promotional cutting boards. Thanks to their quality construction and super-trendy style, cutting boards show your clients they are worth spending a little extra on – and shoe doesn’t like feeling special?

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Why cutting boards make great gifts – utility

Recipients appreciate promo items that are useful. Almost half of consumers say usefulness is the reason they keep promotional products, per 2019 Ad Impressions Study. Cutting and serving boards are useful and built to last, ensuring recipients will hold on to them and use them for years to come.

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Why cutting boards make great gifts – Eco-Friendliness

Sell sustainable styles is very appeal to the Eco-conscious. Sustainable holiday gifts are much for Eco-friendly companies, and make an excellent choice for companies who may not have a green initiative in place yet. These enviromentally friendly presents show your clients that your company cares about the world at large, making recipients more likely to want to work with your company later on.

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