Robo-Cube Puzzle

This eminently poseable robot, inspired by Japanese kumiki puzzles, turns into a cube-or any creative shape your want-and back to a robot. The gift people will never put down and keep for years on the desk, counter or shelf. Made from genuine hardwood in a natural finish with strong elastic bands holding the segments together.

And we can put your logo/message on them.

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Make your awards with marbles

Encore Awards specializes in corporate awards, plaques, corporate gifts, recognition products, and promotional and incentive products all made from natural hand-polished marble and onyx. All these items have been manufactured for personalization and engraving. These marble products are among the highest-quality marble products available.

Combined with our vast expertise of engraving and personalization, and our unrelenting commitment to customer service, you are guaranteed a fulfilling experience.

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Put your stamp on every project

Rubber stamps can be made by photopolymer stamp dies, rubber stamp dies (by laser engraving or vulcanization), and flash foam.

The photopolymer dies include exposure. Precision Rubber Stamp Presses are rubber molding vulcanizers typically used to mold quantities of identical stamp dies. Finished stamps can also be made by the flash method.

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A timelessly elegant timekeeper

A beautiful and timeless clock design updated with popular chrome and black finishes, the Palermo clock features a rich, high-gloss walnut finish on the front and back with the solid wood case, a striking black piano finish on the sides, and a chrome-plated metal base. A white dial with the ever popular Roman numerals, black hour and minute hands, a silver second hand, and glass crystal, surrounded by a polished silver-finished bezel, adds to the clock’s elegance, and a full felt bottom protects your desk.

It’s an excellent gift for retirement.

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New Year, New Awards?

Encore Awards is proud to announce our expanded line of hundreds of beautiful crystal awards, including a gleaming crystal gavel on a beautiful black crystal base, the ever-popular crystal Perpetual desk award, and an elegant crystal desk clock.

Are you looking for new award ideas in 2018?

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Make a statement with faux leather portfolio

Grab anyone’s attention with the ever-expanding Leatherette line from Encore Awards. From plaques and desk wedges to keychains, journals, and wall décor, business card holders, personalized gifts and awards are always treasured. These sophisticated-looking products come in light brown, dark brown, rosé, blue, rawhide, gray, and pink color options which laser to black. There also are two black options that laser to either gold or silver, and a new rustic finish that lasers to gold. The soft, faux leather lasers beautifully and is getting very popular.

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Put your stamp on every project

There are many stamp production materials and equipment for making photopolymer stamp dies, rubber stamp dies and flash foam. The Polymer Plus line of equipment for production of photopolymer dies includes exposure and washout machines. Precision Rubber Stamp Presses are rubber molding vulcanizers typically used to mold quantities of identical stamp dies.

In bank, Health care, construction, aerospace related manufacturers, stamps are extremely popular for procedures and quality control.

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What color is your tumbler?

Bring on the six amazing color options along with the popular matte black and stainless steel Polar Camels from Encore Awards. These high-endurance tumblers keep your colds cold and your hots hot. The Polar Camel is a stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum-insulated tumbler. Each colorful tumbler is powder coated for a beautiful silver finish after laser engraving.

Need holiday gift?

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Crystal bookend

This set of crystal bookends will make a striking addition to any bookshelf! Each personalized bookend has a smooth-finish, and linear accents, that can be customized.

What a nice holiday gift idea.

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Salute America’s heroes

To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you.

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

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