Precision tooled brass award

Whether a generous donor or a top salesperson, nothing rewards or motivates a person like an elegant and permanent acknowledgement of his or her contribution. This precision tooled brass, brushed finish, single line border, brown sand texture is an excellent example.

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Sky’s the limit

Naturally the airplane clock is perfect for the aviation and travel industry as part of promotions “soaring to new heights.”

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Gear clock

Honor deserving employees with an item they will never forget. Encore’s Gear Clock makes an elegant statement as mechanically-inspired modern art. This sophisticated award is an excellent choice for engineers, designers, mechanics and many other applications. This wonderful piece is sure to stand out on any desktop. Take advantage of the circle disc which allows for a second imprint area.

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Challenge coin

Custom Die Cast challenge coins are a traditional symbol of teamwork and achievement. This die-cut challenge coin can be created in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes. While traditionally used by the military, police and fire departments, challenge coins can be used by virtually any organization as a motivation tool or memento.

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Pledge paddle, signage, or cheese board?

Check out the new 4-in-by-22-in. bamboo paddles. A must have for anyone who loves to entertain, they make a unique table or bar service for fruit, cheese, drinks, or deserts.

The size also makes them perfect signage or wall decor for a restaurant, bar, or man cave.

For college sororities or fraternities, continue the time-honored Greek tradition of gifting your sisters and brothers with laser engraved or decorated pledge paddles.

Bamboo is a certified renewable resource, so they’re eco-friendly!

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The writing’s on the wall – why pens and other writing instruments still rule

In a world where technology is king and the average person switches between a growing variety of devices throughout the day, it’s perhaps tempting to believe that pen and paper are becoming obsolete. The truth, however, is far from this. Despite the prominence of screens and keyboards in daily life, writing instruments remain big sellers.

The writing instrument is over 6,000 years old and will continue to evolve with time. People are looking for multifunction, with unique shapes and features, that still write smoothly and last a long time.

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Promotion in a bottle

This ingenious promotion will have people saying “Aye, matey!” It’s a great place to announce special events, parties and more.

Send your customers to the beach with our Sand and Shells Message in a Bottle. It’s great for incentive trips, trade shows, marketing campaigns and beach-themed parties. High impact and great response rate! Our Sand and Shells Message in A Bottle is 6 1/2″ tall filled with sand and seashells. Includes custom color insert and label with your logo. Plastic bottles go directly through the mail, or for a more elegant presentation, choose our glass bottles with mailing boxes.

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Robo-Cube Puzzle

This eminently poseable robot, inspired by Japanese kumiki puzzles, turns into a cube-or any creative shape your want-and back to a robot. The gift people will never put down and keep for years on the desk, counter or shelf. Made from genuine hardwood in a natural finish with strong elastic bands holding the segments together.

And we can put your logo/message on them.

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Make your awards with marbles

Encore Awards specializes in corporate awards, plaques, corporate gifts, recognition products, and promotional and incentive products all made from natural hand-polished marble and onyx. All these items have been manufactured for personalization and engraving. These marble products are among the highest-quality marble products available.

Combined with our vast expertise of engraving and personalization, and our unrelenting commitment to customer service, you are guaranteed a fulfilling experience.

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Put your stamp on every project

Rubber stamps can be made by photopolymer stamp dies, rubber stamp dies (by laser engraving or vulcanization), and flash foam.

The photopolymer dies include exposure. Precision Rubber Stamp Presses are rubber molding vulcanizers typically used to mold quantities of identical stamp dies. Finished stamps can also be made by the flash method.

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