Goal Zero Switch 10 Core Solar Kit

Elevate essential gear for outdoor works/activities from the Goal Zero Line.

Equal parts phone charger, torch 250 flashlight, and fan, the Switch 10 Core Multi-Tool is an all-in-one power solution for your pack. Quick charge phones, POV cameras, and other USB-powered gear, then switch on a flashlight for bright light anywhere, or a fan to cool off. Solar-ready with included Nomad 7 Plus for rugged, reliable power wherever you go.

This features a high-visibility chartreuse accent.

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Bet high on upping your brand recognition with bandannas and you’ll win more clients. These classic cloths have long been promoting brands, politicians and causes successfully with style and utility – a combination that promotional product recipients find appealing. In fact, being useful and attractive are the top two reasons a promotional product is kept.

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Custom Magnets

Promotional magnets are super customizable for your brand, as well as a low-cost advertisement. It is as easy as slapping a magnet on your fridge. Magnets come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a ton of different ways, which means there are boundless opportunities to increase impressions to your target audience without breaking the bank.

Create flat, flexible magnets in any shape through three easy steps. First, create your shape and message. Then, send us your artwork, message and specifications. Lastly, we’ll produce the custom-shaped magnet by your specifications. There’s free tooling and no additional tooling, set-up, or die charge for generalized shape. At approximately 0.020 in total thickness, the magnets feature a wide range of options!

Magnets have business card magnets, car sign and ribbon magnets, house magnets, Teddy bear magnets, RX healthcare magnets, charter bus magnets moving truck magnets, cow magnets, sport utility magnets, puzzle piece magnets, trash/recycling bin magnets, save the date magnets, direct mail and postcard magnets.

If you’re not using magnets as a promotional item, you’re missing out on a nearly effortless way to maximize your marketing.

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Wine Caddy

This 24 percent full lead crystal gift is an elegant way to drink wine. It’s hand-cut, and comes deep-etched with your logo in a gift box.

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Floating Globe

This Floating Globe is a sight to be seen. Floating in mid-air by 2 magnetic pieces, this globe will definitely be a great conversation piece. Not only does the globe float, but it also continuously rotates. We can imprint on top of the base or around the outside band of the base.

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Custom rings

For generations, custom award rings have represented important milestones in personal and professional lives world wide. A symbol of power and achievement for over 2000 years the ring is one of the most effective forms of corporate recognition used today.

Corporate rings offer a distinctive award with exceptional perceived value. Crafted from precious metals like 10K, 14K, 18K, silver and enhanced with fine gemstones, Black Forest award rings signify the highest levels of achievement for corporate awards, service awards and more.

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Corporate Rings

Jewelry is a natural choice for award recognition since it is highly visible for peers and customers, and is close to the wearer so it serves as a constant reminder to the recipient of their value to the company. Precious metal awards also have intrinsic value because of the metal from which they are made. We can create unique one-of-a-kind custom jewelry awards of all shapes and sizes for companies, government entities, clubs and organizations.

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Mini auto trash can

The mini auto trash can is a great idea for auto dealerships, car service locations and rental car companies. It’s compact and easily accessible because it’s designed to fit most auto cup holders. The sturdy spring hinged lid assures that it stays tightly sealed to keep your car free of wrappers and other trash.

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Jump Start

Dead battery? No problem. The jump start tool will jump start a car, boat or ATV as well as charge phones, tablets and other USB devices. This useful tool includes detachable jumper cables and a 6,600 mAh battery, providing peace of mind whenever travelers may go. Yes, with your logo.

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Lapel pins

Lapel pins are a stylish and fun way to dress up any outfit, and not just on shirt collars. These custom pins are perfect for dressing up hats, scarves and bags. Customers will love opening up these cute mementos.

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