Spice up your kitchen with bamboo

When personalized, bamboo cutting boards and utensils make a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen. Encore Awards carries a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including a paddle shape and three rectangle shapes in sizes from 9 x 6″ to 13¾ x 9¾” that include a handle on one side. Then mix it up with two-tone cutting boards in 13½ x 11½” and 18 x 12″ sizes that feature lighter bamboo on the two rounded edges. Also available is a 23½ x 14½”. pizza board complete with a long handle and tapered front edge for easy oven use. Throw in a spatula, salad spoon, and salad fork and you are covered for any occasion. Bamboo is a certified renewable resource that laser engraves well for a completed look.

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