Corporate award design trend

Price was a top factor for many years during the economic downturn. Now corporate clients are awarding more recipients and showing interest in custom products despite the cost. These custom awards draw more than ever from the company’s logo, design, and branding, with complementary colors and even award shapes inspired by the company’s logo, product, or headquarters.

When it comes to award products, style and quality are among the most factors considered by corporate customers. Awards must fit with the company’s established recognition program and the look and feel of the company’s branding and culture.

There are four steps to design custom awards:

Step 1 – Project Vision: Gathering Background Information
We will work with you to clearly define the vision and the business objectives of your award program. We will also discuss the project background and goals, including theme, timeline, quantity and pricing. This is the best time to introduce your ideas.

Step 2 – Concept Drawings: Your Ideas on Paper
After we understand the project requirements, we will create initial design sketches. Our project team will provide concept drawings for your custom award. We will make the necessary changes based on your feedback.

Step 3 – Electronic Color Rendering: Your Product Takes Shape
During Step Three the sketches are re-formatted into a three-dimensional color rendering. This rendering will give you a realistic view of the final custom award. We will continue to modify the design to your satisfaction. Any charges for these services will be discussed before proceeding. Each custom product is priced based on its unique design.

Step 4 – Creating a Sample: Your Award Comes to Life

Based on the color rendering, we will fabricate a one-of-a-kind sample custom award for your review. If necessary, further modifications can be made to the design. After you give final approval, production of your custom award will begin.


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