Car show resins

American’s love for automobiles has reached us. We now carry four new Car Show Resin styles that any enthusiast would be proud to display. The new Antique Gold Car Grill is already flying off the shelves. This 8 ⅛-in.-by-4¼-in. award can be mounted on a base or a plaque, or you can simply attach a plate to the front. For engine aficionados, try the 6-in. Spark Plug or an antique silver Double Piston award on a gloss black base in 7-in. or 11-in. heights. Or steer your customer towards new Antique Gold Steering Wheel Resin Awards in 10 in. or 7 in. Each wheel is mounted on a gloss black base and has a 2-in. insert area in the middle for extra personalization. All Car Show Resins feature a ferrule mounted in the base in case more height or room is needed.

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