Faux leather gift boxes

Usually when we give a gift, we take the time to make sure it’s wrapped in pretty paper and decorated with ribbons and bows or placed in an attractive gift bag. Often, the perceived value of a gift is determined by how it’s presented. If you hand someone a gift in a plastic grocery bag, that person is probably already questioning how important that gift is to you, the person giving it, no matter what’s inside. Faux leather gift boxes are classy, stylish, durable, and very attractive and are perfect for presenting gifts or awards. We offers two styles of faux leather gift boxes. The Wrapped Lid Box is a two-piece box consisting of a foil-wrapped cardboard box bottom and a lid wrapped in luxurious Laserable Leatherette. The Premium Full Laserable Leatherette Gift Box is a one-piece box wrapped entirely in Laserable Leatherette and features a cloth “hinge.” Both styles have three layers of foam that can be laser cut to fit the object you are presenting.

These exquisite boxes can be personalized with a name, logo, monogram, or even a message to create a gift box that is as meaningful as the gift inside. Both styles are available in three sizes and in four elegant colors.

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